8 things I learned in the last 3 years

I have literally no idea how I came up with this post. 
Probably I just feel like something is ending right know, as I'm almost on the finish line to my college graduation (although I still have to study there for 3,5 months and then have a final internship and final project). It just feels like this. Srsly Idk

But however the last three years that I've been in college and kind of started a new page after school have taught me quite a lot. These are just a few things that I could actually come up at the moment and put into words.

I totally realised that I can count and rely only on yourself. My grandmother always told me that, but I never really thought about it. Surely I have friends that I can count on as well, but when it comes to something very important or personal I would rely on myself. At the end, we're all selfish at some point and if you want/need something it's only you who have to work on it, not someone else and you should count only on your own self.
I also understood that it's only me who can decide what is better for me. And listening to my head and my heart will help to make a right decision. No one except me would make a choice for me. It's always only you know what you need, not your family, not your friends and not anyone else.
So at making choices I would rely only on myself as well ;)
I already told that when I graduated from school my self confidence was somewhere about zero. I was so nervous of what people are going to think of me, I was full of complexes and never felt myself beautiful. I also told a kind of story about growing my confidence. Then I understood that no one has to look a certain way to be and feel beautiful. It's still something that I believe in. I also finally stopped comparing myself to others. I used to do it literally my whole life. But now I see that comparing yourself doesn't help you to be a better person, it just drops your self-esteem down.
And I also realised that overthinking & overimagining isn't good. I used to overthink. I've always stressed myself out with thoughts of problems that actually weren't important and weren't worth stressing, I cared way too much about other people's thoughts and reactions. I'm not done with stopping overthinking, but at least I'm trying.
Having a good friend for 10 years and then loosing him has taught me that leaving people is okay. It's a natural process of life - you lose someone, but then get someone as well. It feels especially now, when there's a possibility of loosing friends again.
The next thing may be quite weird for someone, but I wanted to include it. I have believed that there always are sighs to see. I believe that if I do something right and chose a right path I always get a response. I have no clue where from I got this as much as I have no idea how to describe it.
I also know by now that everything that should be yours, will be. Maybe it's just not the right moment, but if it's meant to be yours, it will come :)

It would be nice to know what are the biggest and the most important things that you have realised by now and how long did it take you to realise :)
xx, D

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