"Perfection always starts with mistakes"

I always hear people saying that they really want to do something, but they are too uncertain in their skills or knowledges, too scared of other people's reaction or even (and most often) non-confident about themselves. A few examples (I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about):
"I want to draw a picture, but my skills are too low and I can't do it"
"I reeeally want to make some handicraft, but I've never done that before, so I won't even try"
"I want to start a blog and I've got something to say, but I'm so afraid!"

To be honest, I'm one of those people who are always unsure, yes. I start doing something when I feel extremely inspired and once I made a mistake and messed up, I feel like "It's not mine; I can't; I won't do it again!" It happens all the time - doesn't matter if it's about cooking, painting, handmade or something else that I'm a newbie or not good at.

But here's something that my mum keeps telling me and that I'm trying to learn and spread to other people: you can't get success at anything from the first try. You won't paint like a great artist/you can't cook like a chef/you can't photograph like a pro/you won't be a super writer/you can't sing perfectly if you've never done it and you have no experience.
Actually, people born with a natural gift of something are extremely rare. Great artists, scientists or writers wouldn't be great without studying, practicing and getting bad or good experience.
And it's okay, if you can't do something from the first, second or even tenth try! But if you'll never try, you'll never know how good you could be!

So if you want to do something - do it. Give it a try or better a few. You always can stop doing it, but  don't give yourself one more thing to regret later. 

Perfection always starts with mistakes.*

xx, D

*quote was found somewhere on the Internet