Connecting with the World through postcards

My story of postcrossing began more than 3 years ago, when my friend told me that she exchanges postcards with people from all over the world. I was so amazed that it's possible, as I never knew about postcrossing before.

I decided that I want to send and receive postcards too and my very first postcards to Bulgaria and Belarus have been sent on November 20, 2012.
At the beginning I've been using, the site that my friend has recommended.
I can't even find the words to describe how excited I was to know that someone, who I don't even know, is going to send me postcard, and even more excited when I actually been receiving it!

A couple of my first received cards
Now I use Instagram, when I want to swap postcards with someone. Some time ago I just realized how many postcrossers are over the world and how useful Instagram can be for postcrossing.
Though I still have an account on Postcrossing site, it's inactive at the moment, as I don't send cards that often these days.

I have postcards from a lot of countries such as: the Netherlands, Taiwan, China, Poland, Australia, Germany, Ukraine and more and more (these just the first ones I remembered).
In my collection I have over 50 cards, which is not that expressive as it would be for 3 years. But I still love them and sometimes I like just sitting and flipping though them.

It's so nice when people write something about themselves on the other side of card and leave cute sketches and stickers!
Whenever I travel I try to buy a few postcards to be sent later. It just feels so good when you share some places and memories with people and they share them back.

Though I love every and each postcard that I've ever received, of course I have a few very best and favorite. At the moment I have 6 of them:

I don't know why, they are just so beautiful, cute (yup, I'm talking about that koala bear) and kind of creative.

I'm so glad that 3 years ago I decided to try out this thing called postcrossing. I think it's such a good way to communicate and connect with so many interesting people who share this thing with you. 

What do you think about postcrossing? Have you ever tried to swap cards or would you like to try?

xx, D