Shiny nails in 10 minutes | Premier Nail kit

Hello there!
If you've been reading my blog for some time already, you may know that I love nail polishes, nail stuff and beautiful and good-looking nails at all (well, who doesn't?)

And so today I decided to tell you about my experience of using this Beautifying Nail Kit by Premier.
Personal opinion. Post isn't sponsored.

Kit contains 4 products: hand and body cream (125 ml), mineral rich cuticle oil (20 ml), nail file and buffing block (the main reason why I like this kit).

Hand & Body Cream: I'm not a huge fan of buttering my body with creams, lotions and other products, but I really like hand creams, especially in winter. Cream makes my skin really soft and smooth and it's lightweight and for now (as I use it for not a long time) I can say that I like it (even more than my recent favorite cream by Neutrogena).

Mineral Rich Cuticle Oil: Instruction recommends to apply it after using a buff, so that's exactly what I did. Oil is really moisturising and it makes cuticle very soft.

Both products smell really ahhhmazing! (I've got "Milk & Honey" scent)

Nail File: this one is really good if you prefer to short your nails with file. Helps to fix nails length really quickly (I needed it). But if you want to just fix any crack on your nail, it's probably not the best file.

Buffing Block: I was so excited when I saw this thing! I've seen it once in mall in Prague, where they offered it for a really high price (I'm not sure if it was Premier or not). And I was sooo amazed by the result - shiny smooth nails in literally seconds!
So I was really excited to try this at home by myself and see if it's really that good. Well... it is!
Buff has its own instruction: firstly you should use blue side, then grey and then white (which does that "mirror" shiny effect).
I'm not sure if I caught it well enough, but I tried haha
Due it was a gift I have no idea how much my parents spent on it, but I think it's worth its price. I hope I'll enjoy using it, but I have no idea for how long the buff will work.

Have you ever tried these products or any similar products? What would you tell about them?

xx, D