Keeping a Travel Scrapbook | Decorating my scrapbook

If you read my blog for some time or you've read some of my previous posts, you may know that I love traveling. And while traveling I like taking photos (of course) and collecting things that will remind me of the places I've seen and been. Things like some tickets, fliers, cards and all this stuff.
So one day I decided to keep a scrapbook, a small book where I can have all these things like in one place.
And now I thought that it might be nice to post it on my blog to give some of you kinda idea for decorating (tho I'm definitely not good at it) and just a piece of inspiration :)


The cover is my favorite part of the whole scrapbook haha

Here are pages that I've already filled with some photos and tickets from Saint-Petersburg, Antalya and other places. For my scrapbook I used cardboard for handicrafts, decorating scrapbook paper, different stickers, decorative ribbons, markers and other interesting things I can find.

And here is process of decorating some pages. I've got lots of things from my trip to Prague in last April, printed a couple of photos I really love and now put it in my book :)

Here is it! What I got after all

Are you keeping a scrapbook? What is it about? :)