Cold & Festive | One day in Moscow

Hello there!
As you may know or may not know, here in Russia we have a very long New Year holidays that end only tomorrow, January 11.

So in one of these day my mom and I decided to go to Moscow to visit our relatives and just to wander the streets of this beautiful, but fussy, city.
I took quite a lot of photos, so if you want to visit Moscow with me today - keep scrolling :)
All photos are clickable - in case you want to see them closer

Moscow is a Heaven for shopaholics and brand lovers. There are such shops as D&G, Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Stella McCartney, Bvlgary and a lot of others in the centre of Moscow.

After a quick look around we headed to a Central Children's Store ("Children's World") which was reconstructed recently and it's so beautiful!

As you may already noticed, Moscow is still all festive, there are a lot of decorations, so we were just walking the streets, finding new wonderful bright decorations.

Of course we couldn't not to visit the Red Square, which is probably the most famous Russian place for foreigners.

There were a looot of people, though it's freezing in Moscow now.

Then we went to the GUM (Main Universal Store) to get warm and to see what's inside.

Then we still were walking, we dropped into a few shops and just were enjoying the rest of our day.

Hope you enjoyed this tiny part of Moscow :) I definitely did!
xx, D