Travel | Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Hello from the wonderful Czech Republic!

After the day we spent in Vienna (I wrote about it here), we headed to the Czech Republic, where we were about to spend a few great days. We stayed in Prague, but I am not going to cover this city just now as I already did a blogpost with lots of photos from the time I've been there in 2015, but I'll make another related blogpost in the future. And so in one of those days in Prague we decided to make a one day trip to Kutná Hora.

Kutná Hora is a small town in about 60 kilometres from Prague, and it takes about 50 minutes to get there by train (travel tip: train tickets you can buy on the web page of Czech railways or at the railway station, round-way tickets are cheaper). 
If you arrive at the main railway station, then only in one kilometre from you is located famous church named Kostnice. You can hop on a bus or just walk, everywhere on the way there are signs so you won't get lost (most probably).

And here is Kostnice. Basically it's an old little chapel with one interesting thing: its interior is made of human bones. It contains the skeletons of about 40 000 people or even more.

I mean yes, those are actual human skeletons. And I can't explain how weird it feels inside, even though I've read about it before and - as I thought - I was prepared for it.

There's also the second floor, much brighter and less creepy.

But Kutná Hora is popular among tourists not only because of Kostnice, but also because of other religious (and not only) architectural monuments. So we headed to the centre of this little town and I'm more than happy that we didn't take a bus, because it was a great chance to explore those little streets and, as always, get lost a little.

Isn't it pretty? Needless to say, I absolutely fell in love with this cute little town. I'd say it's one of the cosiest places I've ever been to, but maybe the reason is that there weren't so many tourists.

If you're in Kutná Hora and you have a bit more time than we had, you can also visit Museum of Silver

And then we finally got to our main destination point - Saint Barbara's Church. And it's just truly outstanding.

On my blog I've told only about one million times how much I adore gothic architecture. But this particular church is on my personal list of my favourite churches I've ever seen (I do have lists for everything). By the way, it's the second largest church in the Czech Republic after Saint Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

And it has absolutely gorgeous interior.

If you take a walk around church, you'll also see beautiful skyline and maybe feel a need to take a picture.

To put aside my constant love for Czech Republic, Kutná Hora is a beautiful and cosiest little town and an absolute must visit if you're ever in Czechia.

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