Making choices || What is right?

Since the most childhood, when my mom told me that I have to choose only one toy I liked more, I knew that I have to make choices. Obviously, I just haven't realized it yet then. And it seemed the biggest problem and hardest choice of my life.

How I know, - we all know, I guess - there are always these times when we have to make choices and set priorities. We get new choices every day. And every day they become more important and harder to make. "What color of my pen should it be? Which notebook I wanna have on my math classes? Which dress should I choose for the school prom? Should I buy this tablet/laptop/phone now or I'd better save some money and buy a better one a bit later? What college should I enter? What am I gonna do next? Do I need to go to the Uni? It will cost lots of money. Buy/rent an apartment? Which? These are closer to my job and bus station, but those are more comfortable and convenient." So you got what I mean.

We grow up and we have to decide what will be better for us, our family, our education, career, pets, home. For our living.
And, ugh, I know how hard it can be - to decide what is right. 
For the last half of the year I've been asking myself - what do I want to do? Keep studying? Working, making money? What do I think is right for me?
And the thing is - I don't know. I know that I'll figure it out somehow, but for now - I just don't know.

But the other thing I believe in is there will never be a right choice or wrong choice or decision. Anything I'd do will be right from one side and wrong from another.

There are these situations when you just don't know what is right and what is wrong and what you should do and what would be better. And it's fine, it's okay, cause how can you know, right?
People often blame themselves for the things they've done and they think their decisions were wrong. But how could they be wrong if they taught you something, gave you experience and provided you to wisdom you've got? Anyway, decisions we do and choices we make lead us to where we are now.
I believe that we should choose what we really want and what we guess is right. Cause somehow our mind or heart or whatever it is already knows what we should choose.

xx, D