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Hello there! Today, let me take you to wonderful old Venice!
I've also already done a post about Venice Carnival, click here to see all those beautiful costumes.

these post is kind of a part of Italy series post, so let me explain.
I'm going to make it as helpful as I only can, with all information that I have and with all my honesty.
There's also a "quick look" at the city in every post where I just mark some details that I can associate with a particular city.
There are all tips that I can give at the end of the post (in case you can't read the whole post). All pictures are clickable.

Quick look:
Smell of the city: bakery
Most impressive thing: water all around
Most memorable thing: Piazza San Marco and embankment

As I already said in my previous Venice post, we got to Venice really early, so we had to move to our hotel by our own legs.
First day was mostly about Venice Carnival, but we also had time to walk down all those wonderful canals and tiny streets and, of course, get lost a bit.

It's impossible to not to adore that stunning architecture. I'm out of my vocabulary to describe it.

San Marco Cathedral is seriously one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen and I highly recommend to get upstairs to the balcony. That view is outstanding.

Another credit to give - the embankment. It's so worth walking! Somehow we got to a park and it was so calm in there, kind of an isle of calm in the sea of tourists (sorry for my comparing).

Most of the time we were just wandering and exploring Venice and it was so wonderful.

On our last day we finally got to see the Rialto bridge, that, unfortunately, was on reconstruction.

The same evening we got on a vaporetto and caught such a great moment of sunset on Grand Canal.

Here is it! Venice is so stunning with its canals, streets and bridges and it feels strange that you don't have usual roads and cars arounds.

We took our train on Mestre station and our next stop is green beautiful Tuscany!

  • First of all, I would seriously recommend you to have a map with GPS on your device, because it's so easy to get lost on Venice tiny streets and it's not always possible to find signs with street's names
  • Tiny pizza shops can save your money, their pizza is delicious and slices are huge (and we didn't die from it)
  • Preparing for your trip, be sure to check weather broadcast and save your neck - it can be so windy near water
  • As I already said, vaporetto doesn't work for 24 hours. One vaporetto travel costs €7,5 at the moment (February 2016). But it's a real sin to not to use vaporetto even once!
And a tiny appreciation to the hotel where we lived:
Our room was small, but it's design and atmosphere suits to Venice so much! And it's location was great, near Piazza San Marco! (It's called Torino Hotel, if you're curious:))

I hope it was even a little bit interesting and inspiring to visit Venice, cause looking back right now, it's been such a great experience!
xx, D

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