Ended relationship

Hello there! 
Today there's gonna be a bit of personal post, something from my latest experience I want to talk about. It actually feels like I'm back to the first concept and idea of my blog, back to where I started and I really like it.

As you may understand from the title, it's about relationships. By this word I mean any kind of relationships, whether it's a friendship, romance, hate or any other kind.

In my last blogpost I mentioned that recently I've got and lost a friend. Well, I thought so. Now I don't even know if it was a friend or something more or something less. These relationships didn't seem to work out.
I've been thinking quite a lot about what it was, what it could be, where it could lead, why it didn't work out and who's fault it was. To be totally honest, I still think about it sometimes. To be even more honest, I was really upset when it came to its end.

It's been some time since it has ended, when I received a really needed advice. I've been told a thing I needed to hear at the moment, which basically was "It's okay if some people decide to leave your relationships. It's their life and they have a right to do it. It doesn't even mean that you've done something wrong, but they'd decided so at the moment of the life". 
At this point, if you're a bit familiar with my blog, you may think "Woah, aren't you trying to tell me that letting people go is ok? Cause you've told about it before". Yeah, I have. But this time I am more into relationship and its influence itself.
Basically what I'm trying to tell is that having any relationship, whether it's pleasant or painful, sad or joyful is great and sometimes you start actually appreciate it after its end. It may sound a bit strange, but let me explain. 

"Whatever happens to you, whatever you say or do, don't regret it 'cause something good will happen in the end. Cause it all works out, and if it doesn't, you can just make a song about it."
- Florence Welch (aka my favourite singer)

I think I can totally relate to it. My point is that any kind of relationship is valuable somehow, because sometimes it doesn't only give you experience, but also can inspire you and make you move forward. Even (or even especially) those bad and upsetting ones. It may hurt you or make you cry or hate. But in the end you may want to express it somehow. 

That's exactly what happened to me. For some reason, maybe even to distract myself, I started to draw. I found a new hobby and skill I want to learn and improve. And basically it inspired to write this post, after all :) 
And, for sure, there are new people to meet. Who knows what new connections and communications will bring, right? But I mean, in the end, even from bad situations we should take something good.

P.S. But really, don't hold onto people, they will leave anyway if they're meant to. Let them go.

It doesn't always happens like that. But it's just a point of view that I wanted to share and, hopefully, someone can find it helpful :) And I would be really glad to know your thoughts of this topic.
xx, D