Let them go

When I was little, I used to have a friend in my countryside. We'd met every summer and for two months we were having fun by having overnights, watching films, swimming, walking, talking and laughing a lot. But then something happened and we weren't able to meet each other even on summer holidays. I was upset. I never was that person, that had many friends, even in my childhood, so it was quite painful to lose her. While I still had time and wish to see her, she couldn't get to me, so every year was full of promises to see each other, but every time I was more and more convinced that it will never happen.
Now, after a few years, I understand that it was the end of our friendship, we just hadn't anything in common. And looking at her photos today I clearly understand that I don't regret anything. She gave me huge experience then, and I'm thankful for those summers that we spent.

Right now I'm in the same situation again. I feel like my best friend isn't mine anymore. She's got new friends and new interests. And I feel that I don't know her anymore. I used to think that she's the person that I always can talk to, that I can share my fears with and she always understood me. And now I can't even identify my best friend that I knew sometime in this new person. It doesn't mean that any of us is wrong in choosing friends or things to like or to do. And of course it doesn't mean that it's someone's fault. It means that she chose another way and it's just different than mine. It means that I don't share her interests anymore.

So, I was upset about losing my friend. But one day, somehow, I realized one very important thing. Our whole life people come and go away. We lose someone, but we also get someone. And every person that we meet is meant to be on our path. Some of them make us happy and some make us sad. But whatever they make us feel, all of them give us great experience. They just had to be here, with us, in some moments of our life. And it's okay when they leave. 

I know that some of you maybe went through it already. Or some might be in that situation right now. But when I was going through it there was no one who could tell me that it's ok. So I know how important it is - to get a support and make up your mind. And it's important to me - to spread a good word to someone who needs it. And now I can tell a thing that I learned and I know for sure: don't try to keep people. Just let them go and be thankful for what they gave you. It's my little advice. And sometimes I need to remember it too.
xx, D