Travel | From Russia to Georgia: Tbilisi

Hello there and welcome to the capital city of Georgia - Tbilisi!

As I mentioned in a previous post where I talked a bit about Russian cities that we've visited on our way here, Georgia is a wonderful country with a long history, breathtaking nature and amazing people, cuisine and wine. It's also one of the safest countries in the world.

We've spent there a few days and to be honest, now Tbilisi is included in the list of my favorite cities. I strongly suggest you to visit it, especially in a warm time of the year. We've been there in the middle of June and I think this is a really good time for visiting: it was up to 30 degrees in a daytime and in the evening temperature drops so you can enjoy your walk and dinner outside. And at this time the city wasn't crowded with tourists that much.

And if one day you decide to come to that beautiful city, here's a list of must-see places:

Bridge of Peace

Bridge of Peace was open only in 2010 and it connects Old Tbilisi with the new district. It looks very modern and pretty impressive, especially at night.

And right next to it we found this little shop with drinks, snacks and these weirdly formed things called "churchhella" which basically are made of grape juice and nuts. Aaand they're just yummm! But you can find them literally everywhere, including supermarkets.

Rike Park

On the other side of Kura river is a beautiful modern park, very comfortable for a small rest after a long walk. There are lots of flowers, benches and a wonderful view on Narikala mountain.

Europe Square

And near Rike park there's the Europe Square. It's also very green and beautiful and it's surrounded by ah-mazing Georgian architecture. There are also a few restaurants but they're quite overpriced. 

Narikala mountain

This is one of the main tourist attractions in Tbilisi and here's a reason for that: from Narikala opens a great view of the whole city. It also has a fortress and a church up there. You can get there by funicular from Rike park.

And if you're looking for some fun, a little bit higher there's Mtatsminda entertainment park with lots of attractions for children and adults. You can get there by taxi.

When it comes to public transport, in Tbilisi you can use metro, buses and minibuses. There are also bus routes between cities. If you prefer taxi, you'll probably be happy to find lots of cabs all over the city, prices are very affordable. Although be prepared for some fast rides - this south way of driving seems really unsafe sometimes. 
Old city

As to myself, I divided this old part of Tbilisi to "modern old town" and "old old town". 

Modern old town is where the most tourists are. It's renovated, filled with fancy restaurants, cafes and shops.

But once you get off of this tourist route, you see something like that. That's what I called old old town and this is where you meet authentic Tbilisi.
And somewhere around this area we found tiny Georgian restaurant in the cellar, where they cook amazing food but it's super cheap! 


Actually, baths are also a part of old town. Basically it's the reason why this city was even built. It's where it's started. 

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity cathedral is pretty much the most famous cathedral in Tbilisi. Again, one of the most touristic places of the city, even thought it's quite new and was built in 2004.

Enter is free, but I wouldn't say that it's necessary to go inside. It's very simple and I clearly felt like it's not finished yet (well, you can see those scaffoldings). But cathedral outside looks extremely beautiful and this view is definitely worth going up there.

We spent in Tbilisi only about 4 days and I'd say that I need a couple more to explore some things that we haven't seen. It's beautiful in its contrasts. But for sure I recommend you to see it yourself and make up your own opinion.

And it's the end of the second part of our trip to Georgia. Next place is Batumi!
Let me know if you'd like to visit Georgia or if you've already been there :)
xx, D
part one of our road trip
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