Opinion: Balea skincare products

Hello there!
You see, I'm not the most consistent blogger, but ugh! I haven't talked about any cosmetic products in ages! Aaand I did kinda miss it.

But the truth to be said, I'm not a make up or skincare hoarder that buys lots of stuff to rumble about. I use the 5th or 6th tube of the same mascara that I wrote about in my "everyday makeup" post (I bet it was in 2015!), barely wear a CC cream and open eye shadow pallet only when there's some huge celebration going on.
Maybe, just maybe, I buy skincare products ever more often, because I'm constantly looking for a new moisturizer or micellar water.
And I realized that during some recent time, I got this little collection/range/whatever word you'd use, of Balea products. Some I liked more, some less, some didn't even like at all, but I'm here today to share my honest opinion :)

I feel like I should start off with an explanation what Balea is, basically. If you're somewhere from Europe and you have DM stores in your city, you most probably know what Balea is. It's a German brand that belongs to, as well German, stores DM (DM-Drogerie Markt). Basically it's their own brand, under which they produce skincare and bath ranges for women and men, healthfood and some household products.
Now that you know what I'm talking about, we may begin.

The first two products I want to cover are moisturizers. The worst thing is that, since it's a German brand, it doesn't have any English text or name on it, so to describe each of them I'll just use the color of their bottle. Convenient.

So the first one from the left, in a cute pink tube, as I guess, promise us 24hour moisturizing or care maybe? Well, I'm not sure of it. But I still can say that this cream is pretty good. It has quite thick texture that makes it comfortable to use in winter, early spring or late autumn. If you have oily skin, it may be a little bit too much and it definitely won't be good for summer.

The second one, although, is totally different. The texture is much lighter and at some point it does feel like water on my skin. So I'd say this one should be good for summer season. I could even compare this one to Clinique Dramatically Different gel.

Both products are scented, and smell amazing, at least to me :)

The next thing is quite a disappointment! It's a micellar water and to be honest, my Lumene tonics take off make up better. Except from the fact that it doesn't take off make up properly, my skin doesn't feel clear and just fine overall. It's also lightly scented.
I'm always looking for new micellar waters to try out, but however every time I get back to my fave ones - Lumene, Sephora or Nivea.

Those strips, oh my they're good! I must say that I've never used such clearing stripes by any other brand, but after those by Balea I don't even want to try. You can actually see that they work and my only regret is that there are only six of them in a pack. And as we don't have DM stores in Russia, I have to buy some good amount of these when I'm in Europe.

And the last but not the least, good old deodorant. Balea has a wide range of those! And even though some of them smell like air scent, to me their main advantage is that they don't leave white marks on my clothes.

Also some of their products are marked as vegan. And their prices are more than fair as it's a budget company.

Over to you: have you ever tried any of Balea products? If so, do you have favorites or disappointments? 
xx, D