Travel | Photodiary from Tartu, Estonia

Tere (or hello) from sunny Estonia! :)
This time I'm gonna walk you through this pretty small city (although it's the second largest city in Estonia) named Tartu. It was quite an spontaneous trip that turned out a nice weekend getaway.

I'm not going to throw a lot of text at you this time, but I hope you'll enjoy a small scroll through pictures that I definitely enjoyed taking :)

But first - ah-mazing breakfast at Cookbook restaurant
and then check-in at literally one of the best hostels (I would easily say it's a hotel) I've ever been to - Hektor Design Hostel

Can't just get by some pretty door without taking a picture (I am not the only one, right?!)

"The world's beauty is in its diversity."

Maybe because Tartu is known as a student city, it is full of modern street art...
...and it would also explain this famous statue called "Kissing students" :)

I want to mention Tartu Botanical garden in particular. It's quite huge and so pretty! And entrance is completely free (except for the greenhouse).

Estonian National Museum that used to be a Soviet military air base

And near this museum is another curious thing that I suggest you should visit. Tagurpidi Maja (or just Upside Down House :)) is an awesome place to get a little bit dizzy and trick your brain. See for yourself:

Famous (and overpriced but still good) restaurant in the gunpowder cellar.

And as always, the best way to explore any city is just walking and getting lost. And it's also my favourite part of every trip :) 

What was your last trip and how did you enjoy it? :) 
xx, D