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Hello there and welcome to Budapest! (finally :D)

On our trip in September (oops) after visiting Vienna [blogpost] and Prague, we headed to the capital of Hungary - Budapest. 
Hungary is a country located almost in the centre of Europe and you can get there pretty easy and on budget - lowcoaster Wizz Air is based in Budapest airport and besides you can use trains and buses from other (neighbour) countries. And even though Budapest is a very popular city among tourists, it's quite hard to find English-speaking locals and that fact makes visiting even more authentic. 

Going to Budapest, I didn't expect much, even when I heard a lot of good things from people that have visited it before. Although I would lie if I said that I wasn't excited at all, I was really looking forward to famous Budapest Baths and - spoiler - I loved it the most. Because for some reason, I didn't fell in love with the city.

So for Budapest I'm not going to do any kind of guide and here's just my experience and lots of photos of the city (and a little bit of notes and advice just because I can't be quiet).

So this is huge and one of the major squares of the city - Heroes' Square. It was very crowded and busy with tearing down some constructions that day, but still beautiful.

Moving forward, we found this amazing castle with the name I can't pronounce - Vajdahunyad. It's located in the City Park of Budapest and it's wonderful. Add to this the first days of September, when yellow-ish leaves are already falling, and it becomes magical.

Walking those pretty streets, we accidentally bumped into trucks with street food called Karaván and it was a great chance to meet taste famous Hungarian dish Langos.

Except the classic recipe with cheese, there was a selection of different toppings, so I went for the pepper one.

And well, I would say it's very specific and very oily, so if you're not into that kind of food (and by "that kind" I mean fat) - I warned you. The place itself is very cosy and pretty, and highly recommended, although I'm not sure if it works in winter (address: Kazinczy utca, 18).

Budapest is full of beautiful architecture and has that combination of old and new that, as I said somewhere in my previous posts, I absolutely adore.

Ice-cream is always a good idea, but especially good if it's around 25 degrees outside and you weren't ready for that. So as for that, I can assure you that Unixo has just delicious take away ice-cream (address: Károly krt. 11).

And now we're at St. Stephen's Basilica. I can talk a lot of how beautiful it is inside and outside, but there's also another thing that amazed me...'s that wonderful view!

On the embankment, on the way to Parliament, is a memorial to honour the people that were killed by Arrow Cross during World War II. I am very sensitive when it comes to war topic, and this is truly heartbreaking to me.

But back to more positive things, here's the gorgeous building of the Hungarian Parliament. Should I repeat for the millionth time how much I adore Gothic architecture? (I swear I tell it every time I see Gothic styled building.) I just hope that those photos do it even a bit of justice.

By the way, according to Wikipedia, it is the largest building in Hungary. And yes, it is large.

From the Liberty Bridge opens a beautiful view on the Cave Church. On the inside it also looks interesting.

And also from that bridge you can see the Gellert Hill which is our next stop.

I'm definitely not a huge fan of climbing hills, but yet another gorgeous view was so worth it!

And here's another popular tourist attraction - Fisherman's Bastion. Without a doubt, it's beautiful but also it looks quite modern. And since it's an attraction, it's very crowded.

And near Fisherman's Bastion is located no less famous Buda Castle with, once again, beautiful view :)

And this is pretty much it! As I said earlier, I didn't fell for Budapest despite its wonderful architecture, pretty streets and a lot of bridges. Maybe it's just 'cause it didn't feel cosy to me (and to be honest, Budapest is pretty dirty and smelly as the problem with homeless people is very actual at the moment). Or maybe because before Budapest I visited Prague, which for me is the cosiest and prettiest city, and I'm being too subjective.
However, Budapest is definitely worth visiting so you can make up your own opinion :)

Or have you already been to Budapest? If so, I'd be really glad to see your experience :)

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