Travel | Italy: Venice Carnival

Hello everyone and welcome to festive Venice!
In this post I just want to show a tiiiny piece of the Carnival spirit and those wonderful (but also scary to me) costumes and decorations.

these post is kind of a part of Italy series post, so let me explain.
I'm going to make it as helpful as I only can, with all information that I have and with all my honesty.
All pictures are clickable.

We got to Venice Carnival right at the last day, so it's kind of closing of Carnival that has been lasting from January 23 till February 9.
Our train from Rome arrived at about 6am to Venice St. Lucia station and, as vaporettos still don't work at that time, we had to walk by our legs to out hotel, which was located near Piazza San Marco. It was still quite dark and we got lost a few times. But the positive side was that we had a truly great opportunity to take some pictures of silent Venice without tourists.

But we'll be back to the Carnival.

We got to Piazza San Marco at about 8am and even at that time there already were people in costumes. And a lot of photographers. And some tourists.
And so it all has started.

You don't need to get somewhere away from San Marco Square to find wonderful costumes. They all are here and I don't think it's possible to photograph them all (I tried tho).

There's a schedule of all Carnival events, places, prices and all these. The actual event at Piazza San Marco is free to visit. I'm not sure what it was about, but I believe they were introducing costumes that took a part in some sort of costume competition.

We were very lucky to get on time and get on a balcony of San Marco Cathedral, so we were watching the final of the Carnival from there without a lot of people around. San Marco Cathedral is also a museum, entry costs €5 and the view is worth it.

Unfortunately we have missed fireworks at 9pm, as we were really tired and exhausted.

After all I can say that costumes are truly wonderful and stunning. I can't even imagine how much time these people have spent on making and creating them, but they did a great job.
What about the Carnival itself, I was expecting something bigger and greater. But it just how I felt and maybe you should spend more than only one day at this Carnival.

Have you ever been to Venice Carnival? What is your opinion on it?

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