First LUSH experience + LUSH wish list

Hello there!

How many of you ever been to LUSH? And how many times, huh?
I was quite lucky to meet LUSH shop on my way, while walking in Venice, and to make my first ever purchase! 

I was very excited to buy something and to try it out as I've heard and read a lot of bloggers rambling about how good LUSH products are. It's just a natural reaction when everyone around tell you how they love LUSH, so I really wanted to figure out if all that hype around LUSH bombs was worth it and would work to me.

I didn't want to buy a lot, cause I'm still a student on budget and there are so many things in Italy that I wanted to try/buy. So I simply stopped on one bath bomb and I knew that I was going to get a soap sample for free. So I gave it a go.

I took a Honey Bee bomb and, OMG, it's smells so ahh-mazing! I've noticed that it moisturises my skin a bit. But after I got out of the water, I felt that my skin became sticky. Not the same way if I had actual honey over my body (brrr), but sticky enough to feel it (I'm not sure if honey was the reason).
So I wouldn't say that this bath bomb had a great effect on me or really amazed me, but it still smells very nice and not that bad for pampering yourself in an evening bath.

The soap that I got for free (oh wow, so lucky) was Miranda. And I loved it so much! Here's why: 
  • though it doesn't make a lot of foam, it cleanses skin very well
  • smells wonderful
  • doesn't dry my skin
But though I like its smell, it smells too heavy and sometimes I don't like it on my hands. But I love using it for my face sometimes. I mean, we all know that soap isn't a good decision for using it on the face, but this one works really well and doesn't dry my skin (it contains different oils). But I wouldn't recommend this soap if you have sensitive skin.

Overall, I can tell that I liked using LUSH products, thought I'm not used to pampering my body with such things as bath bombs or bubble bars. Of course, I'd like to try some more of LUSH, so I made a wish list :)

Do you like LUSH? What are your favorite products and which you'd recommend? 
xx, D