Winter Favorites

Oh wow! Spring is finally here, guys!
I won't tell that it doesn't feel like spring in Russia at all
But anyway, it's March on the calendar and it's time to share some things that I've been loving this winter :)

Skincare and Makeup

These two hand creams are literally my hand savers! There were some days when I forgot my gloves or it just didn't feel cold outside and I've decided not to wear them and it was my mistake and these both saved me. 
I bought Neutrogena right before Christmas and it has such cute wintery print on it! Cream feels kind of like wax on your hands and at first it felt weird, cause I've never tried something like this before. But it works very well and makes your hands very soft and smooth.
The Premier one is also works well and smells just amazing! Though I'd prefer Neutrogena more for the winter time.

This Neutrogena lip balm has been a nice replacement since my Carmex ran out. It was in a kit with the Neutrogena hand cream above.
It's a nice thing that keeps my lips moisturized for a long time and saves them from cold wind and frosty weather.

This winter I've also been loving Weleda Wildrose Smoothing eye cream. Being an 18yo, I can't tell that I have some serious fine lines or problems with wrinkles. But I loved using it when I felt like my skin just needs a bit more of moisture than usual. 

I wasn't sure about Sephora's Micellar water, so I chose to buy a 50ml version and now I kinda regret it!
I loved using it to get off my make up and it does its job great! It doesn't dry my skin at all and I feel fresh and clean after using it. Though it may be too fragranced for a sensitive skin.

What about my makeup, I haven't used something really different from my usual makeup products, but still I got some pieces to share.

I've got Catrice AllRound Concealer quite a long time ago, but I never actually bothered myself using it a lot. And so this winter I came back to it.
I love its green color as it covers my skin's redness wonderful and now I'm trying the darkest color for conturing, as it's new to me.
I've read a lot of people don't like it for some different reasons, but personally I love using this one!

I feel like I've mentioned Essence lipliners so many times already! But it doesn't matter, I just like them sooo much.
This winter I've been choosing this dark red color 08 Red Blush. I loved using it through winter, especially on my Italy trip (which is another fave!)

I bought this tiny Mavala in December and since then I've been looooving it!
It's a nude nail polish with kind of shiny powder in it and it looks so wonderful! I loved the texture and how quickly it dries and I can't wait to buy myself a couple of other Mavala's colors.

James Bay - Chaos and the Calm
Once again, I'm still loving James' album and I think that his songs are perfect for spring as well.

Sia - Bird set free
Adele - Send my love to your new lover

Other things

My favorite thing of this winter was, without no doubt, out trip to Italy. It was amazing, wonderful and very interesting. I already published a couple of posts/articles on my blog and a few are still coming soon!

And they should be something more from Italy. So, recently I've been wearing a lot these earrings, that I bought in Venice. They are creepy and they are cool. I'm done.

Gucci Guilty black is just wonderful perfume to me. I received it as a present for New Year/Christmas from my parents and my mom knew how much I wanted them. So yes, def fave!

So, what are your faves of this last winter? Are you excited for spring? I definitely am!
xx, D