How to stay focused | Productivity

Hello everyone!
 I don't know about you, but my [last] college year is coming to its end. That means that I have a lot of exams, homework and different projects to do.

But well, we all - students/workers/bloggers, sometimes need to stay focused during making/creating/writing something. So today I decided to pick some of my tips and ways to stay focused on your particular activity.
Hope you'll find it helpful!

My desk is probably the dirtiest place in my room, there are always a lot of papers with some notes everywhere, stickers, notebooks, pens and my cup of tea/water. You know, people say that clean desk is really important for concentration and it represents its owner? Well, I must agree, it really is. But I'd also say that your desk is your working place and you should know what works for your mind and concentration. If you're comfortable with a lot of different stuff on your table and it doesn't bother you or makes your work even more effective, then why you should change it? Your working place is always up to you.

Most of us use PCs for doing any work nowadays, and most of us use Internet for it. My biggest problem is checking out Twitter, mail, news and all those things social whilst writing, for example, essay. So my tip is: close all tabs with unrelated links and topics. More than that, I feel like I have to unpin all my pinned tabs as I can't control myself and keep checking Twitter every 5 mins. Without any reason. And I just did it again.
Also I'd close all applications and programs that you don't need at the moment.
When it comes to my phone and tablet, I prefer to turn off all notifications, except Mail. All these noises can really be annoying.

While working I'd suggest to turn off all other stimuli that may distract you. I hardly can concentrate my mind when there's a TV on or music playing on the background. 
On the other hand, there are always people who can't concentrate without kind of calm music.
But anyways, I'd suggest to get rid of any kind of stimuli while trying to concentrate your mind.

Another thing that I'd say - multitasking isn't always a good thing. That's great if you're that type of person, who can do a few things at once without lowing quality! But most of the time I feel that I lose concentration and end up doing only one thing anyway. So try not to overload your mind.

And the last thing, but not the least: take breaks. I feel that it's so important to just give yourself a couple of minutes and relax, take a break and then make up your mind again and continue working. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, do an exercise etc. But don't take long breaks, for me 3-5 minutes is enough.

Do you have any tips on keeping concentrated? What are your tips? :)
xx, D