Travel | From Russia to Georgia: Vardzia & Batumi

Hello and welcome to the last part of our trip to Georgia! 
Since visiting Tbilisi was all about sightseeing, walking and learning about some cultural aspects of Georgia, spending time in Batumi was pretty much about beach and vitamin sea.

But firstly, on our way from Tbilisi we visited an amazing place that literally blows my mind a little bit. The place is called Vardzia.
Vardzia is a cave monastery. It's basically an entire system of rooms (that has 242 rooms in total!) with a church in a middle of it. And it was carved from a rock. By people. Isn't it amazing?
It has just incredible view of the valley. And as already said in a previous posts, Georgian nature is incredible itself.

After having an icecream near the river, we finally were on the road to our final destination.
And so here is Batumi, the second largest city of Georgia after Tbilisi located on the coast of the Black Sea and neighbouring with Turkey.

Touristic part of Batumi is renovated and looks very modern and "European". You even may notice some "copies" of famous European architecture, such as Colosseum or Piazza San Marco in Italy.

Batumi is filled with different cafes and restaurants, but for sure I'd suggest to try and find some authentic restaurant out of that touristic area, it's definitely worth it.

Except beautiful central part, Batumi also has amazing sea-side boulevard that is so great for a walk.

From the boulevard you can get on a cableway up to the hill with a wonderful view...

...or you can take a sea walk on a boat :)

Another worth visiting place is Batumi botanic garden. It's huge (I mean literally huge) and it takes about 30 minutes to get there on a bus.

It's full of trees, flowers and separated to a few areas dedicated to flora of different regions.

We also had a few strolls around Batumi and I probably will never be over that gorgeous nature. Lots of forests, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and mountains, it's so worth seeing.

But if you're not into beach recreation, I'd say that three-four days in Batumi is more than enough. It's a beautiful city, but still it's a sea-side one. And if you're interested in authentic architecture, then maybe it's better to visit Tbilisi when it comes to Georgia.

And this is it! Our Georgian trip is officially over.
I hope it inspired at least some of you to book your next trip! :)

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xx, D