Travel | Vienna in a few hours

Hello there and welcome to the capital city of Austria!

Fortunately, this year has been pretty saturated with travel for me. And on this latest trip to Czech Republic and Hungary we were lucky to have a day in Vienna that we obviously spent on walking, sightseeing and Viennese coffee.

Vienna is a really nice city if you want to fly to Europe and not spend a fortune. I noticed that flights to Vienna are usually within the cheapest ones, and you can easily get to any other European city by train or bus.
And this is exactly what I did when I travelled to Czech Republic in April and this time as well: flew to Vienna and then got on a bus to my final destination.

From the airport we got to Wien Praterstern Bahnhof (which is a train station) to drop our luggage to lockers (and believe it or not, it costed only about 2 euros for a day) and unexpectedly bumped into Prater - a large amusement park with lots of attractions, Madame Tussauds museum and restaurants. If you're ever in this area, you won't miss this park as it has a huge wheel with bright red cabins.

And I couldn't keep my eyes off of this sweet yummy desert, so I just had to have it (#noregrets). I must add that there's a huge choice of sweets, so if you're into it, you're welcome!

After spending a couple of hours in Prater (which surely was not enough), we were on our way to the city centre. I've said it on my Instagram but I'll say it again, Vienna is really beautiful, at least the part that we've visited.

At some point it reminded me of the cities that I've visited before, such as Prague, Rome, Paris, Venice and Amsterdam. Maybe it's just that thing of Europe - cities look very similar sometimes. But in Vienna I felt it more than anywhere else.

One of the most crowded places and, I would say, the biggest tourist attraction is Saint Stephen's Cathedral. The history of its construction is very long and interesting and it looks gorgeous. I just can't stand gothic architecture.

And since it's the city centre, Cathedral is surrounded by outstanding architecture and just pretty streets.

And then we ended up at the amazing place called Hofburg. It's the former imperial palace and, due to Wikipedia, today it is the official residence of the President of Austria.
To be honest, doesn't matter whom it belongs now, it looks truly wonderful anyway.

Of course we didn't have a chance to see all the beautiful places of Vienna, but I must say that these kilometres that have been walked were great.
And then it all ended in one of the restaurants somewhere on our way back, with a glass of Aperol and it was a perfect ending for such a long day.

Have you been to Vienna? If so, how do you feel about this city?
xx, D
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