Mood | Autumn

"Mood" is a section on my blog where I share a special atmosphere [of literally anything] that I feel through photos. I decided that it's a really good way to combine my passion for photography with the other interests. So basically, Mood is more about photography and sharing some special moments I adore. If you're into it - keep reading watching :)

Autumn to me is a very inspirational time of the year. I guess mostly because of all the bright colours it brings. I happen to live in a climate where nature changes four times a year, and even though it pretty cold in central Russia for about seven months out of twelve, I'm still lucky to see how everything around me changes. 

I can't explain how happy it makes me to watch these gorgeous colours to change.

And this awesome hat I bought about a month ago (it's C&A in case you're wondering) and it describes autumn just perfectly for me. I've wanted to get a hat for a long long time and finally I found my ideal one!

And of course, autumn for me is a book, warm blanket and some good cup of tea or hot chocolate. Especially perfect when it's raining and you don't have to go outside. 

How does your perfect autumn look like? :)
xx, D