Essence lipliners

Hello there!
Do you like lipliners? I totally do!

Today I wanted to tell about my experience of using Essence lipliners and why I really like them.

I love Essence for already 4 years and I've been using lots of their products since then. Most of the products that I have are really good and work on my skin (you might seen a lot of Essence products in my Everyday make up blogpost). These lipliners are definitely good as well!

I own three liners in different colors (which were so good for autumn!)
Of course I know how people used to use lipliners. But I, as many other people, like to apply them as a proper lipstick.

My first Essence lipliner I've ever got was cute pink Wish Me a Rose (12)

It's so good for everyday using, cause it's pretty nude and just so pretty haha!

My lips are quite dry, especially on cold and windy time of the year. So, I prefer to use a lip balm before applying a lipliner (this tip works also for lipsticks). 

The next liner is dark red (or even red wine maybe) and called Red Blush (8)

It's such a gorgeous red color which is so good not only for evening, but even for daily make up.

When applying such bright and dark colors I use my finger to kind of tap it into my lips to make it look a bit more natural.

The last one from my small collection is beautiful and especially useful for autumn Honey Berry (15)

Such a wonderful berry color! Definitely gonna be in my autumn favorites!

Essence lipliners are very soft and actually even longlasting. But as they are "matt" and they are still liners I wouldn't recommend them for people with super dry lips.
After all, I can say that I really like them and will buy a few more! Plus, they are extremely affordable and budget!

Do you use lipliners? What brand are your favorite?

xx, D