Starting a new year | Free yourself

New year often associates with something new: new style, new haircut, new diet, new friends, new beginnings. But how can you start something new in your life when a lot of things (bad or good) happened for the last 12 months and they are still there, in your mind?
I don't know about you, but I used to carry things, especially bad ones, with me for a long long time. It takes a lot of time to let my offences go, so I can communicate with person again or let this relationships go and leave them.

Recently I've read an article about leaving your offends from any romantic relationship and it gave me an idea for this post. But there are also a lot of things besides romantic relations to let go.

I'm not going to tell about letting people go, cause I've done this before in that post. I'll just try to tell about how-to-feel-better-and-happy thing and how to let bad feelings and memories go.

Well, firstly get distanced from your emotions and don't let them rule your mind. Very often people follow their own emotions and, usually, it doesn't lead to anything good. Look at all you offences or things or people that've hurt you from kind of the other side.

Get rid of anger, jealousy and all your negative emotions, don't keep them to yourself. Personally I'm not used to share or talk about my angry emotions and I often do keep them into my head. To be honest, it doesn't end really well. It's a pressure and you gain and gain and gain it and in the end you may hurt people you love if it's not even their fault. 
Think you emotions over, write it down and burn or talk about them to anyone you trust to.
Let your negatives go. They're not yours anymore. And also get rid of the negative things other people have ever told you.

Forgive yourself and forgive others. Everyone makes mistakes and it's fine. And don't blame yourself for anything.

I really hope that you found something helpful and inspirational somehow. Of course, it's not only about the new year. It's something that you should always remember, I think. I forget some of these things sometimes and then regret it.

xx, D

You think you have lost your faith, but you have not,
You have only misplaced your faith, 
and you can find it where it lies down,
deep in your soul.
And the way to do that it through the simple process of love.
Love yourself, forgive yourself,
You can't love and forgive other people if you can't first of all
love and forgive yourself.
You have to realize that people are fallible beings,
they make mistakes, and allowed to continue on their quest for a better life and for
So love yourself, and then love other people.
Please forgive yourself, go on a journey of finding love
and forgiveness.
- Florence + The Machine "Delilah"