Gift Guide | 10 Gifts for Photographers

Hello there! 
As you may know, I love photography. And as you're probably aware, Christmas is coming! 
So today I decided to do a bit helpful post about gifts for people who love photography too. There are gifts for every photographer, whether they are pros or amateurs, males or females. 
And if you know someone who loves photography and you have no idea what to present - this guide is for you.
This is just my suggestions from my point of view.

Phone / Tablet lenses

Nowadays mobile photography is a separate genre of photography, and I know a lot of Instagram photographers that use mostly their mobile devices.

PLAY X STORE 3 in 1 Camera Lens | Luxsure® Mobile Phone Lens Camera Kit

Creative beautiful Photo albums

I bet we're all used to keep our photos on our computers, cards or some other digital ways. But I think it's so cool to keep some of your fave photographers in an actual album. When it comes to a photographer, it's also nice to have a few great photos to show your clients.

Vintage Camera Photo Album | Kiera Grace Photo Album

Lens cleaning set

For sure - it's something that every photographer needs and it doesn't matter if he already has a lens cleaning system, cause there's can't be too many of them.

CamKix Professional Camera Cleaning Kit 

Lens mug/cup

There's nothing better than drinking you favorite beverage from such a nice mug while editing last weeks photos :)

Mango Spot® Best Camera Lens Cup/Mug | OmeGod Lens Travel Coffee Mug/Cup 

Photography books

Great way to give a ton of new information and inspiration.

Life: The Classic Collection | National Geographic Stunning Photographs | LIFE 100 Photographs that Changed the World

Camera lens filters

It's a good gift, but firstly you should know the diameter of lens, cause there's no kind of "standard" one.

A tripod

There are seriously a lot of different tripods for phones, tablets and cameras, you just need to pick one you think your friend photographer will like :)

AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod | AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod

Photographer's backpack / Camera bag

Backpack or a bag is a nice tool for keeping and taking away camera, lenses and other photographer's tools.

Evecase Extra Large Travel Backpack | Photographer's Digital Camera/Video Padded Backpack | AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag 

Soft boxes / Reflectors

It's about something more pricey, but also more valuable. If you don't want to fail with a gift, I would suggest to buy a reflector, I can guarantee that any photographer would be pleased with that gift!

LimoStudio 2400 Watt Softbox Kit | 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector

Software: Photoshop or Lightroom

There's a possibility that your friend photographer already has one of these software products. But if you're sure he doesn't - it's a great gift.

All pictures are from product sellers.

What would you suggest to present to a photographer?

xx, D