Merry Christmas! & tiny gift :)

Merry Christmas everyone! 
I hope you're having a nice, happy and magical day with your family or friends!
I wish that your every day will be that bright and happy :)
And I want to say thank you to everyone who's reading it for stopping by and even more thank you to my readers (I believe I have a few) and everyone who has ever read and commented on my blog!

Be merry & bright and always stay inspired and inspire other people! x


Unfortunately now I'm not able to give you something more than that, but I still wanted to present you something.
Remember the post where I was talking about being organized? Well, I was thinking quite a lot and decided to make a printable calendar for 2016, so you will be all ready and organized haha!

You can download it HERE
There's also a simple print that you can download here

I really hope that it will be helpful to any of you :)

Merry Christmas & be happy!
You can always get other free prints and the calendar on this page

xx, D