Spending time with yourself | Find a balance in your mind

In the seriously hard timing and schedules of our lives we don't always take time for ourselves as often as we should. We communicate with other people, deal with different study/job things, solve problems and it happens pretty much every day. It's stressful, tiring, annoying and we have to distance from all of it sometimes.
I don't know about you, but I like being alone. I don't mean being lonely and spending the whole life all alone. I mean that I'm okay in a company with my own self. Thinking, dreaming, analyzing, reading, listening to music. I'm an introvert and I'm totally fine with it. But it doesn't even matter if you're an introvert or extravert or however you call yourself, I believe that every person needs time with himself to find a balance between active social life (that includes other people) and listening to his own mind, body and thoughts. Just some time, when you don't have to care about anything, when you don't have to do something for anyone else. 

I also know that a lot of people often don't have an opportunity to stay home alone, especially if you live with a family or roommates, so here are a few ideas on how to spend time with your own self, relax and kinda "recharge" your energy.

1. Go to the cafe or cinema... 
Well, that's simple. Go and watch a new coming out film that you've been waiting for a long time. Take your fave beverage with some desert and enjoy it on your own. 

2. ...or just walk in a park.
If you absolutely can't/don't want to go to cafe or cinema alone, take a walk in a park.

3. Read a book.
Usually, when I "use" a book to relax my mind, I choose something easy to read, something, maybe, like Sophie Kinsella or Lauren Weisberger. Some simple story that has something from real life, and you can kind of associate yourself with a book character. I also believe that from books you can find some answers you need. 

4. Pampering bathroom.
Just light some candles, add bath bombs or bath foam, take your player and relax in your bath with your favorite music and tet-a-tet with your mind. Take time for thinking without any interruptions.

5. Listen to your favorite music.
Actually, I would suggest to make a special separate playlist with some calm music that relaxes and makes you concentrated. If you ask me, for me, at the time, that music is the whole album "Beneath the Skin" by Of Monsters and Men.

Do you like spending time alone? Do you think it is really important?

xx, D