Keeping a Bullet Journal

Hello there!
What do you think of bullet journaling? I definitely have a strong feeling of bullet journals becoming more and more popular lately. Or maybe it's just me being out of my cave. But however it is, today I'm an another person to tell you about my first "proper" bullet journal and what I do and how it looks.

My story of bullet journaling starts right after my previous planner (here) ran out of free pages. I knew about the concept of Bullet journal, but I literally had no idea where to start. So for the next few days I drowned myself in Pinterest and YouTube, searching for "bullet journals", "bullet journal log" and all things "bullet" and "journal" related.
A couple days later I've already had a picture in my head of how I wanted my new journal to look like. Of course it would look much better if I actually could draw, but I decided to just go with what I have haha

So this is how my journal looks like. Isn't the cat adorable? It's a Languostyle notebook and I absolutely love it. Apart from its colorful cover I also like that the pages aren't bright white, but a bit yellowish, it just has some charm to me.
As you can notice I keep it in two languages, Russian and English, and one day I hope to start writing in another language that I'm learning now.

*And yes, I absolutely adore people who can keep their journals super accurate and attractive and inspiring. Unfortunately, I'm not one of these people, but at least I tried.*

If you're familiar to bullet journaling, you may know that there's that thing usually called "key" which is basically the legend of signs you use to indicate your tasks, events, appointments and everything. For my journal I chose this simple key that is pretty much enough for my daily plans. I know that some people separate "events" and "appointments", but I don't really think I need it. 
The next log is Future log that I decided to use for some (more or less) big plans or things (and you can see how interesting my life is)

For What to read and Watch logs I chose these Pinterest-inspired page designs. I think it looks really pretty, although I won't be able to add more films when this page is filled out. 
And I also really like my Travel log, even though it doesn't contain lots as I only plan my future trips. But you know, the thought of traveling is really exciting itself. 

So this is how my "bullet autumn" has started. The most exciting thing for me in all that journal thing is decorating it with stickers, some lettering and little sketches/drawings. I am a bit obsessed with stickers but I also like sketching sometimes, so this journal is a great place to put creativity out.
(And you can actually notice that I'm seriously behind my blogging schedule oops) 

There's also a tracker page in the end of every month, but I'm still developing and adapting it for myself, so there's basically nothing to show now. Also I try to leave one free page after every month for some notes or another sketches.

After all, I can say that I love bullet journaling at the moment. And I won't lie - I can't keep my hands from this one, I love everything about it. Although I know that there's a long way to go if that system will actually work for me. 
For a 'trial period' I gave it a go for 5 months and then this journal ends.

Do you have a bullet journal? If so, does it really work for you?
And would you like to see new posts with updates of my journal?
xx, D