Sources of inspiration

There are always these days when you feel uninspired (well, I have these days, if you don't - you, probably, are not human). Hard studying or working, exams, tiredness, stress - it all lead to total melancholy and kill positive and inspiration.

But apart from that, sometimes you just need to see something to get the idea, like, to see someone's painting to get the idea of what you want to draw, to see a recipe with yummy photos to understand what you want to cook and how you can improvise and change that recipe to make something unique. Well, you got the idea, didn't you?
To be honest, I'm that person that always needs inspiration. To take photos, to write a blogpost, to draw, to make handicraft and so on. There should be like everyday doze of inspiration for me, so I can be active and productive.
So here I collected a few sources, where I usually find inspiration.

1 || Music
Music inspires me so much, it's just huuuge source. I listen to my fave songs or I find the new ones, new bands or singers and I don't know how, but it works. Music does everything better (and tea does, of course).

2 || Magazines
Honestly, if I buy magazines, I but them only for pictures. It doesn't matter what kind of magazine it is, they all usually have great pictures. And it leads us to the next point...

3 || Photography
Oh my... Just give me a camera and I'll be good. Camera gives me an opportunity to see everything in a different angle. With camera in my hands I can find literally anything to capture and it makes me really happy.
4 || Books
I just love these moments, when you read a book and then you get some thought or idea and you develop it into something new and big and then you have a new blogpost haha! But seriously, books are full of new ideas and inspirational thoughts.

5 || Traveling
Unfortunately I can't travel all the time, but when I do travel, I feel so excited for everything! Oh, even a thought of traveling makes me excited!

6 || Other blogs & YouTube
Oh, I love watching beautiful videos and reading blogs with lovely photos (c'mon, who doesn't?). Also here I can mention beautiful Instagram accounts.

7 || WeHeartIt & Pinterest
Well, Pinterest is kinda more serious and interesting source (I think), but sometimes I also like to scroll through WeHeartIt.
These sites are like a world collection of inspiration! They include literally everything, from quotes from songs to best ideas for designers (oh, and have you seen their home decor collection? *heart emoji*)

Where do you get inspiration? What are your favorite sources? 
And what do you prefer - Pinterest or WeHeart (or maybe Tumblr)?

xx, D