Autumn favorites

Hello there! Autumn is almost over, so I thought it would be nice to do an autumn favorites round up (is it the correct sentence? haha) and remember what last autumn brought.
Hope you'll enjoy! :)

Make up and Skincare Products

I don't wear a lot of make up at summer, so it was nice to get back to this one this autumn. I just like it. 

Essence Lipliner 15 Honey Berry

I've just mentioned it in my previous posts about Essence lipliners. The color of this one is so perfect for autumn and I've been loving wearing it.

Natura Siberica Face Scrub for oily and combination skin

Natura Siberica is a Russian brand which I've never tried before. But as my Lumene scrub is almost ran out, I decided to buy this one and I don't regret that decision. This scrub is quite oily and moisturizing and it works well.
I know that Natura Siberica has their stores in London, Copenhagen and Paris - just a note :)

Just a quite nice lip balm that saves my lips as it gets pretty cold outside.

I love Sally Hansen nail polishes and this one is sooo good for autumn and even winter!


Autumn for me is an apple pie and a looot of tea (well, tea is always here). Now I'm loving Greenfield Earl Grey and their festive Christmas Mystery which is so good.
Also me and my friends were really into all these cafes with hot coffee and chocolate and take aways. Comfy and autumny!


This autumn I discovered a few wonderful albums, singers and songs which I want to share with you.

"My head is an animal" Of Monsters and Men
My love with OMAM started from their second album "Beneath the Skin" last summer, I really loved it and decided to learn more about their music. Their first album is different, but still so wonderful!

"Chaos and the Calm" James Bay
Lovely album by lovely James Bay. Just like his songs.

Rebecca Roubion
Actually I've heard one of her songs in a TV show and I was "Siri, what's the song playing." I can't say that I like all of her songs (like it happened with OMAM), but a few are really nice to me.

"Surrender" (single) Natalie Tyler
Another song from a TV show and it's so beautiful, recommend to listen.

And of course "25" Adele
Not every song, but a nice and anticipated album after all 

I started to use and browse Pinterest this autumn (especially when I've got a blog) and it's actually interesting, inspiring and helpful sometimes.

Recently I bought myself these cute lovely heart shaped lights and I love it so much! <3

Of course, candles haha! But they make my room look so cosy and warm.

Autumn itself
I've already said that I love autumn. Especially early autumn, when it's not cold yet and you just enjoy all these autumn colors and mood and coats and boots yaaay

finally, it's My blog
I started it at the end of September and I enjoy writing posts and decorating and just making it better.
I write for 2 months as I started on 27th of September and it changed my mind a little bit and I'm a bit proud of myself that I did it then and I'm more proud to watch it's growing.

What are your Autumn favorites and most memorable moments of the season?

xx, D