The best product for oily problem skin!

Hello there! Today I want to tell you about the skincare product I've been loving for the last month. And I'm still really obsessed with it. Let me introduce it - The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion.

Pay attention that my skin type is combination to oily (T-zone), with some problems and spots sometimes and I'm not allergic pretty much to anything. This product is good for my skin and it's only my personal opinion.

I bought this lotion in The Body Shop in Greece. Actually, it's my first Body Shop product ever as I don't have their store in my hometown, and so I didn't really know about Body Shop products much (though I've seen other bloggers love TBS). If I knew then about the Tea Tree range I would buy literally everything.

As I've already mentioned I have oily skin around T-zone and spots mostly on my forehead. I've already had a matifying cream from some local company which kept my skin matt for a few hours and I liked how it worked for my skin, but it also made my skin very dry. 
For some time I stopped using it and let my skin have a rest, if I can say so. And then, in the end of last summer I met this lotion an fell in love, literally.

It's honestly the best product for my skin that I've ever tried.

What I like about this product:
  • after using it my skin does feel better, purer and healthier
  • spots are fading away!
  • it keeps my skin matt for 4-6 hours without drying it much
  • it's really lightweight
But surely there is a thing that I don't like, but it doesn't really matter to me and it's scent. When I opened a tube for the first time I was like "eeew", but now I got used to it and kinda even like it.

So at the end, I can tell that I would buy this lotion again and I hope that one day I'll buy myself other  Tea Tree products, cause I believe that products work better in complex.

xx, D