Keeping a Bullet Journal #2

Hello there!
It's been a while (and I mean a whiiiiile) since I wrote my first BJ post in 2016. And as it was so long ago, I decided that it's time for an update.
As you may notice, the journal itself has been replaced (obviously). Now it's a thick one in A5 size, which I find really comfortable as it has enough space for writing/sketching/art working etc.
To be honest, I'm not even sure if it's fair to call this a bullet journal. Basically, it's a planner with some BJ logs and space for "art." But let's stick to this popular name (and I need a clickable headline for this blogpost, right?)

Speaking of logs, they are pretty much the same:
  • future log
  • blogging
  • what to read/to watch
  • travel
I wish I could be as cool as people who use various tracking logs, but I'm really bad at working on my habits or writing down how much water I drink or *especially* exercising. 

However, I really like to think that I stepped up my lettering game. It does take time and practice, and I'm so not a pro at this yet, but I'm working on it.

In this journal I wanted to use a simpler weekly template instead of drawing a bunch of rectangles every month, so at the beginning it looked like this...
...and I quite liked it. But then it felt pretty chaotic and unorganised (which is totally inappropriate 'cause ya know, I'm trying to plan and organize things here ha).
So in some time it ended up like this:

To be honest, I like this template so much more. It helps me to see my appointments and things I have to do on any particular day. And in the "notes" I just keep things in process or things with less priority or something that I know would be better done, but no one dies if it won't. Or I just draw. Well, you get the point.

Another thing is that now you can find much more pictures in my planner. Sometimes I just use it as some kind of a mood board. But for some reason it doesn't look really Pinterest worthy :D
It may be anything from some inspirational quote or a poem to just a photo that I really like or would want to recreate.

In other words, I really do put effort into decorating... :D

And that is pretty much it. Now that this journal is running out of pages, I'm really looking forward to the new one and to the plans it will be keeping :)

And if you have your BJ or just a planner, let me know what logs do you use :)
xx, D