Summer favorites

better late than never
Hello there! I'm a bit late with my summer favorites, but still here they are. How was your summer guys?

To me that last summer seems not really special but since, so many thing have changed. And I can start with my college graduation. It's been three years, lots of sleepless nights, deadlines and tired days. But yay, it's over! And yes, I'm quite proud of myself.

Then, after all this excitement and joy, I finally had my summer vacation. Although this summer I didn't have a chance to go somewhere really far from home, I've been loving traveling and exploring some neighbour cities and towns with my family or alone by myself. It was just lovely!

This summer I also decided to try and learn something new, so I was really into some watercolor painting and lettering. I still do need more practice but I'm quite happy with where I am now. And I just love decorating my new bullet journal with pretty letters!

And speaking of something new... I got a job. Which means I got to meet a lot of new people. No need to say that as a huge introvert and a really closed person it was really difficult and overwhelming. But it also means going out of my comfort zone and it was my goal for this year. So I definitely can count it as an achievement haha :)
I've also met a few nice people online and I still keep in touch with them. So meeting new people is another favorite of this summer. 

Moving onto another faves, this summer I discovered a couple of bands and songs that I really like. I'm that person who don't change my permanent playlist very often. But if I find some music that I liked once, it stays with me literally forever. So here's what I've been listening to lately:

Oh Wonder - Oh Wonder
I have no idea how did I happen not to know this duet earlier. These guys are wonderful and I love this album so much. At some point I feel like it's some kinds of mix of The XX, Of Monsters and Men and Daughter. So if you're into these artists, you may like Oh Wonder as well. I so can't wait for their new album to come out next year.
I'm a bit into duets, ain't I? I can't say that I'm a huge fan of these guys, cause they're a bit "too pop" for me. Though I like a few songs from their new album, like Hold the Line, Heartlines, Are you Home and All of Your Glory.

Back to my all-time favorites, here's Florence + The Machine realised an incredibly beautiful soundtrack for the Final Fantasy XV. Honestly, I have no idea about the video game, but these songs are so beautiful that I want to play it. And the band has also recorded another wonderful soundtrack for the upcoming movie Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. And I just love it so so much.
Regina Spektor - Bleeding Heart
Regina is finally back! I love her music and I can't wait for her new album's coming out on September 30.

Another favorite of mine was Instagram Stories. Uhoh. But it's such a nice thing that I even started regretting the fact that I've never used Snapchat, because sharing some "live" moments is quite cool! I'm really into sharing mine and super keen in seeing what other people do because well, yeah, I'm nosy haha

Also this summer I got huge inspiration from Nayyirah Waheed's poems and quotes. I found it extremely inspirational when I really needed it. So here's two of them that I especially like:

And this is it! What are your summer favorites? And how did your autumn start? Hope it's treating you well so far!
And here's also another post with my midsummer faves :)
xx, D