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Hello there!
Woah, it's been a long break in blogging for me due to some life changes and some stuff going on. And by "recent life changes" I mean that I've graduated college, I've got a job, I've lost a job, I've got a friend and I've lost that friend, so there's been some fun time. I've also had some issues with my blogging mind, but I'll tell about it some next time.
Anyways, now I'm very happy and excited to be back here! And today I'm gonna share some of my recent favorite things.


First of all, oh this concealer! I use it pretty much everywhere: under my eyes, around my nose, under my eyebrows and sometimes as a highlighter. It's just such a helpful little thing that is so lightweight, but works really well. BTW, it's a Clinique one in 01 Fair (and I also talked about it here).

This H&M blush is something that I'd picked recently during my one-day Saint Petersburg trip (just keep reading, I'll talk through it too). It's in shade Pale Pink and it's such a nice and fresh colour, it was love from the first sight (oh, and it was on sale).

And the last one is this gooorgeous Maybelline lipstick. It's in colour Divine Wine and usually such shades are strongly associated with Autumn season, but oh, I'm in love with it right now and actually it's the only lipstick I've been wearing for the past couple of weeks haha.

And basically, it's pretty much my entire summer makeup, except mascara and brow products.

In this category I'd also like to include my summertime perfume. It's DKNY Be Delicious and it's something that I used to wear when it's hot and sunny and, well, summery (obviously).


I can't say that I traveled a lot in some past time, but in the last two weeks I had an opportunity (and a need) to be in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Saint Petersburg is one of my favorite cities that I've ever visited and I always suggest to visit it to anyone who's planning a trip to Russia. And I'm always glad to be there myself. So two weeks ago I spent a beautiful day there and I actually can't wait for the next time I'll be there again.

And Moscow... is just being Moscow haha. I had some things to do there, but I also had a chance to see my Grandma and to walk a little bit before my train back home. (And the fact that I didn't get lost being all alone and I haven't got a panic attack makes me super proud of myself)

Books and Films

My latest favorite book was definitely Me before you by Jojo Moyes. I've finished it in May, but sometimes I just take it to re-read some moments. It's such a beautiful story and it actually feels like something from a real life, with its troubles and fun, problems and joy. And I loved that sprinkle of humour that Jojo has brought to the story. It's definitely worth reading and it will most probably break you heart.

You know, you can only actually help someone who wants to be helped.

And, oh surprise, my favorite movie was Me before you as well. I really loved how they turned the book into a film, I loved the cast and I just wish it would be a bit longer haha.

What were your recent favorite pieces? And have you read Me before you? I'd love to read other thoughts on it :)

it's good to be back
xx, D