Travel makeup | What products did I take with me

I actually planned to do that post while I've been traveling, but I couldn't do it and I'm really upset about it.
 But anyways, I decided that it would be nice to tell about my travel 
makeup bag. It's just a quick look at my travel necessities and things that I can't travel without.

This time we decided to travel with our cabin baggage only. That means that I couldn't take any bottle with capacity more than 100ml and the overall capacity of all liquid products can't be more than one liter. (I believe that this rule is for every airline company, but you should check it out, just in case).


My travel skincare isn't really different from my usual procedure. But as I was going to a country with a warmer temperature than in Russia, I decided to not to take my moisturizer for super cold winter.
I took my Sephora Instant Moisturizer (review here), which is quite good for a usual weather and I could put it in my handbag in case I'd need it in an airplane.
As another moisturizer I also took my last sample of La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Legere (here) in any special case when my skin gets dry with no reason (and it actually saved my skin in the last few days of our travel).
I also put my The Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion (here), as it's my regular skincare product that helps me  to keep my oily skin not that shiny for quite a long time.
As I don't have serious problems and fine lines under my eyes yet, I use Lumene Eye Roll-On just as an early care and this roll is usually cold, so I love applying it after a long time of flying, using computer, just on some "tired" days. 
Since my Carmex ran out, I've been using Neutrogena lip balm that keeps my lips moisturized for a few hours and is a really nice lipstick base.
I also took my recent favorite - Sephora Micellar Water as a makeup remover (it's 50ml - very convenient for a hand baggage!).

/ EYES /

My eyes products are really basic. 
First of all, my all time favorite Clinique Lash Power mascara, which I love so much and it's very convenient for traveling, as you don't have to have any mascara remover to get it off.
I also took my Essence Longlasting eye pencil, which was a waste as I haven't used it even once.
For my eyebrows I took Essence Brow Designer, that I've been using for a long time now. And for fixing my brows I use my recently purchased Vivienne Sabo Fixateur gel.

/ FACE / 

My face makeup consists of my fave Lumene CC-cream, which is so so good and I recommend it literally always. 
For my under eye bags I use Essence longlasting Stay All Day concealer. And my blush are Essence as well (Silky Touch in 40 Natural Beauty).
I'm not a fan of heavy make up, especially when I don't have an opportunity to wash my face properly. So these products were such nice helpers!

/ LIPS /

Lip products are my longterm love.
Essence lipliners (here) are my faves of faves. I took two of them - 08 Red Blush, which I've been using quite a lot and 15 Honey Berry, which I haven't used over this last week, cause I decided that it just doesn't match to the weather outside uhoh
Though I loved using Essence Glow tinted balm (it's running out and they don't produce it anymore) and my all time love Maybelline Moisture Extreme in 173.
And here are also two products that I shouldn't have to take - Maybelline Baby Lips and Essence Matt lipstick in 02 All you need is red.

I hope next time I'll be smarter and won't take useless products with me (oh, let's be honest, I will).

Anyway, what are your necessary products for travel and do you usually take a lot of makeup with you?

BTW, is's so good to be back to blogging! I've been missing it.
xx, D
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