Travel | Mood: Paris

"Mood" is a new section on my blog where I share a special atmosphere [of literally anything] that I feel through photos. I decided that it's a really good way to combine my passion for photography with the other interests. So basically, Mood is more about photography and sharing some special moments I adore. If you're into it - keep reading watching :)

Paris is one of the dirtiest cities I've ever been to. But it's also one of the most beautiful places with its architecture, cute tiny cosy cafes and smell of coffee and bakery.

Three things that I can associate with Paris are the Eiffel Tower (how obvious), soft fresh croissants and loudness. Paris sounded very loud to me.

Bridges of Paris look very romantic, I even felt like I was in a movie :) Don't forget to make a wish and throw a coin!

Have you ever been to Paris or would you like to visit it?
xx, D
P.S.: all the photos were taken in May (oops)