Travel | 7 hours in Amsterdam, lots of tourists and million bicycles

Hello there!

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Amsterdam? I have! And finally I've got an opportunity to see a little bit of that beautiful city, only for a few hours. 

We haven't been to a lot of places, but, anyway, I tried to capture everything that I saw. Unfortunately, I can't give you any special suggestions on where to go or what to do. But if you want to see a tiny part of Amsterdam then you're very welcome :)

I've never seen so many tourists in any other city that I ever visited as in Amsterdam. A lot of tourists and a lot of street food. BTW, street French fries is reeeally good.

Amsterdam is known as the city of bicycles and, oh, it really is. At the end of our day I almost became a victim of bicycle accident, but it ended up not that bad :D

The Red Lights district is, probably, the weirdest place I've ever been. Definitely not recommend taking any photos there. 

I wanted to visit Amsterdam after reading The Fault in Our Stars (anyone else?) a couple of years ago. The first impression of the city wasn't really nice, but since we took a step out of the most touristic streets, I really liked Amsterdam. And I hope to visit it again one day and keep exploring. Anne Frank Museum is still on my list-to-visit.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam or Holland? If so, what's your opinion? :)
xx, D
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