My favorite apps when travelling

Hello there!
As I'm packing my bags for my upcoming Paris weekend, I decided to share a few of my fave apps that I use while travelling. So, let's get started :)

CityMaps2Go (free or $4.99)
Without any doubt it's my favorite offline map at the moment! It has maps of a lot of different cities and areas that you can download onto your device and it will work without Internet connection. Also it has guide/information (but from Wikipedia) about some famous places and you can add any spots on your map to "Must-see places" or create your own lists.

Mere - To-Do travel guide (free)
It's an app that I discovered a couple of weeks ago and felt that I need it in my "travel life". Basically, it just gives you a list of things to do in any particular city. For example, it has such note as "Walk along the Champs Elysees and feel a pulse of the French Capital". It reminds you when you are near any place from your list, so you can check it out. Design of the app is also simple and lovely. Unfortunately, they don't have a huge list of cities in English right now, but I hope they'll add more later.

PackPoint (free or $2.99)
PackPoint is my another recent discover and it's again about lists (sorry, I love lists). Depending on your destination, purpose of travel and planned activities, it creates a list of things that you might need to take with you, so you won't forget anything. And you also can add your own notes to the list if you need. If you love lists as much as I do, this app is for you.

TripAdvisor (free)
This is probably one of the most famous resources for travellers and if you are one, you know about it. But if you don't, here's a short description: it's an app with a huuuge base of accommodation places, catering places, famous places and attractions all over the world. There are also lots of reviews and photographs from travellers. Definitely a must have!

The last two apps are all about photography. I love taking photos both on my camera and my phone.
I use Afterlight ($0.99) for editing my mobile photos. It has really nice effects and filters, but also a great selection of manual settings. And I love how easy I can create my own filter.
And, of course, I use Instagram (free) to share the photographs that I take. I also use it for editing, cause it has quite nice filters and settings as well.

Do you use any apps for travelling? Which are your favorite? 
xx, D

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