A letter to 14 year old myself

Oh wow, I'm 19 today. OH WOW.

Hello there! It's happening, it's my birthday today!

It's so weird to think that I'm officially a year older now, though I don't feel like anything has changed from yesterday or even a year ago. And well, I still look and behave like a 14 yo. But somehow, a lot of things have changed since I actually was 14. I graduated school, I'm gonna graduate college in like two months!
So today I decided to leave a letter to 14 yo myself and kind of a note to remember to a future me. I had anxiety and was disagree with myself, and I know that this post is worth it, if it would help even one person who needs it.

Dear fourteen year old Dasha,

We've been through a lot. I know that there was no one to tell you some of the things that I know now.

But here are a few of them that I wish I knew back then. 

I wish you knew that it's okay to be who you are instead of pretending to be someone else.  
Everyone has his own standards of beauty, intellect, etc. And it's ok if you don't fit to them. And it's fine that some people don't like you, but it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you.

It's normal to say people "no". Because you don't own anything to anyone. And there's nothing better than listening to yourself and your own mind and heart, because only you know what you need and want.

I wish you'd learn and express yourself more in different subjects.

Everyone has imperfections and things that he doesn't like about himself. You thought you had a lot of them. But instead of concentrating on things that you don't like, it'd be better to focus on your good  and positive things. You spent so much time concentrating on your negatives and I don't want it to happen again.

Making mistakes is great. Your mistakes are your lessons, and you don't have to be afraid to make them.

I wish you appreciated people and things you had in your life more. People who support you and believe in you are extremely valuable. And didn't take things for granted.
At the same time, letting people go is fine.

I wish you'd left your comfort zone more often. But well, here I am, grown up and still having problems with leaving my cosy place.

I know that we had a lot of issues. But it all has led here, where we are now. So I have no regrets of our past, because having them is pointless.

to be honest, it made me emotional
xx, D