Inspiring blogs to read | 1 year blog anniversary

Hello there!
As you may know, a few days ago Way Inspire had its first anniversary. This blog - my little child - is one year old now!

It all has started on September 27, 2015 with this blogpost. So since then it's been 365 days (well, 370 to be accurate), 57 published blogposts (I know I'm a.. crappy blogger) and 25 drafts. And I could put down a lot of words on how many joy it has brought me, and how my blog helps to express myself through words, but I won't (partly because every blogger knows it anyway or have their own reasons).
But today, using the occasion of Way Inspire's Birthday, I want to share some blogs that, back in a day, inspired me to start my own and still keep inspiring. They all are about different topics and styles, but each and every is unique, and I believe that every person behind it is absolutely amazing.

So these are some wonderful blogs I highly recommend you to read:
ThirteenThoughts by Paula
Bethany-Geogina by Beth 
AislingsBeautyBytes by Aisling
SophieRosie by Soph
AlinaErmilova by Alina - Alina is Russian but runs her blog in English. I was seriously doubting about starting my blog in another language than my native one, but her blog showed me that it's ok to write in English even if it's not your mother language.
BowsAndButtons by Hayley
TrovesAndRoses by Sonja
PSMinimalist by Valentina
FloraLooTwo by Laura
AccordingToAbi by Abigail
LizaTaitBailey by Liza
SophieLauren by Sophie Lauren
StyleSprinter by Katya
HaylVogel by Hayl
SarasChapters by Sara Patrizia
EmilinaLove by Emilina
AbigaleXo by Abbie
DorkfaceBlog by Jemma
SkinnedCarTree by Corinne 
EleanorWears by Eleanor
BasedOn by Anu
PhasesOfRobyn by Robyn Taylor
TheLovecatsInc by Helen
AnoushkaLoves by Anoushka
ColorUBold by Jasmine 
ChaptersOfKat by Kat


Some of these blogs are quite popular and "famous", but I still hope that you can find something new to read and love.

What are your favorite blogs and bloggers? Who inspire you?
xx, D