What's in my bag | 2015

Hello there! I don't know about you, but I like reading and watching "What's in my bag" posts. I thinks it really helps to know a blogger you like better. 
And so today I want to show you my bag essentials I can't leave home without.

I'd like to start with my bag itself. I bought it maybe a year ago and I still really like it.
It doesn't look large but it stores literally everything I need (and as I go to college my bag has a lot of things to store haha)
But the thing I like about my bag the most is its design. Firstly it's a cross body bag and I just love its long handle, and secondly it has these "gold" corners which doesn't let the bag look boring.

I'm the person that like keeping bag clean. There may be a mess on my working table, but there's no rubbish in my bag.

And here are my gooodies, yay!

With my cards, money and anything you can hold in the wallet. I love it so much mostly for the print, but also after 3 years of using it's still the same good. I'm pretty sure they don't have the exact model now, but you can check this one if you liked mine.

Daily planner with owls
My notebook with my planned events, important things, lists.
(I told about it here).

Erm, just because I need them.

Phone and EarPods
I don't even have to explain, don't I?

Matting wipes
I told about it in my moisturizers post, I have oily skin so I always need matting wipes with me.

Antibacterial hand gel
I'm not really sure if it works, but I want to believe it does haha

A few college notebooks that I must have.

I'm not used to carry a lot of make up products in my bag if there's no special occasion for it, but I always have some lip products with me.

Revlon Super Lustrous Crēme in 415 Pink In The Afternoon
I quite like this one, it's soft, has no scent and has kind of neutral color to wear it whenever I want or have to.

A usual lip balm, I'm sure everyone knows about it. And yes, it looks so used haha

Maybelline Hydra Extreme in 173 Windsor Rose
Oldy-goody and one of my favorite lipsticks ever! Super soft, moisturizing, has a nice scent and it's super budget as well.

Maybelline BabyLips Electro in Pink Shock
For my lips it has no moisture effect and I use it as a lip tint.


And now my bag is empty! Haha
What are your bag necessities and what lip products do you always carry in your bag?

xx, D