5 favorite moisturizers

Since I went to college and started getting some scholarship I became a bit more independent from my parents and became able to buy myself small joyful things as lipsticks, foundations, pencils, liners, different skincare products which, of course, include moisturizing creams.
But as I don't have a lot of free money for cosmetic I started from budget products which I still use and warmly love.
In today's post I want to share with you little reviews/opinions on my 5 fave moisturizers.

And here pay attention that my skin type is combination to oily (T-zone), with some problems and spots sometimes and I'm not allergic pretty much to anything. These products are good for my skin and it's only my personal opinion.


When I bought this one I was like "eeh, too sticky on my face". My first tube of this one I got about one year ago in September or October and it was the reason why I loved it (not from the first sight try tho). In the end of September my skin usually gets drier and needs extra moisture and it continues till March or April, I guess. And this Lumene moisturizer works just great for my skin when it's dry and shelled. And also the manufacturer says that it works against spots and impurities - well, it does, unless your skin gets used to it.
That's my second tube and it's running out so I'm definitely gonna buy another one very soon as it gets pretty cold here. 


This tube is actually my second one too. It's more lightweight that the previous one and I prefer to use it in spring or summer when my skin feels well and doesn't need that much moisture.


Actually, it was my mom's sample but she forgot about it... and I remembered :)
I literally loved this serum! It's so lightweight but works really well even in the winter season! And I'm so upset cause it was so tiny and it's ran out.
I believe someday I'll buy myself a full version, but right now it's a bit pricey for my budget.

I bought this one in Sephora in Greece (have you seen my travel posts? Part 1 and Part 2). I really like it cause it's lightweight and after applying I can't feel it on my face. But looks like this one has to wait until spring, cause it's too light for winter.


That sorbet I've got in the Caudalie set, gifted me by my friend. I have a travel version (10 ml).
This one is just wonderful! I've been using it since April and through summer and it works and feels great! Though I wouldn't use it in winter cause it's too lightweight.

What is your favorite moisturizer at the moment? 

xx, D